Surprisingly Useful: Choosing a Color Scheme for your Home

We are in the midst of getting the exterior of our house painted before the winter comes. Choosing a color scheme for the outside of your house is a 5-10 year commitment so we paid a "colorist" (a supposed color expert) to tell us what color our house should be. To be honest, I don't really mind what color our house is as long as my wife is happy which she certainly wasn't when I get test samples of the suggested colors and painted small patches of the side of our house. So much for the expert; we were going to have to work it out for ourselves but we both had trouble envisaging what any specific color set was going to look like on our house.

I already had a partial model of our house in SketchUp but I had been modeling from the inside out so it didn't yet have any outside details (or roofs). Last night I spent a couple of hours adding enough detail to allow my wife to see what various color schemes might look like. Using PhotoShop to analyze the RGB values of online paint chips we could then apply the paint to our virtual house and get a good idea of what they might look like. We think we're going with blues rather than the trendy mauves the colorist had suggested. At least we now know what the house will look like and all without getting paint drips on my jeans.

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