Speed Modelling 2: Tron Lightcycle

Wow - it looks like writing all that dry stuff about file organization and version control drained all my SketchUp mojo but, not to worry, I'm still out here playing with our favorite Google toy. I didn't miss the announcement that 7.1 was released; I even went so far as to install it. Did anyone else think that for a point release that was a big install? I watched the video about the most obvious new features but as I'm not much of a Google Earth modeler I haven't played with them yet. I was pleased to see that the handling of large models does seem much faster although SU still doesn't seem to be taking advantage of the multi-cores my PC has available.

I did participate in the latest SketchUcation 30 minute challenge on the theme of video games. I still think that taking part in these fast challenges teaches a great deal. This time I knew exactly what I wanted to model and I studied the source material available sketching out the various structures old-school-style with pencil and paper. I even listed a loose script of how to spend the 30 minutes to achieve this model. What did that teach me when the plan started falling apart? You have to be able to improvise and use other tools and techniques available to you when your usual methods fail.

The model you see is not the one submitted to the contest but is what I achieved after my timed modeling time had ended and I refined a lot of the unfinished threads.


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