Welcome to yet another SketchUp blog! There are a lot of them out there; ones for architects, contractors, designers, teachers, official Google ones, glorified resumes, company blogs selling education, services, software extensions, models - there are SketchUp blogs just about plugins, and APIs, and one specifically for kitchen designers.

So how is this one different? Well, for a start it's mine. I am Martin and I am a SketchUp enthusiast but I don't use the software in any professional capacity. Some people do crossword or sudoku puzzles; I play with SketchUp. I create models for practical, everyday problems and I create models purely for the fun of it. I am not an out-and-out SketchUp expert and I am not an absolute beginner - I am somewhere in the middle of that scale. When it comes to SketchUp I am probably someone like you.

And that's my angle; this blog is an average SketchUp user's perspective. I'll describe the projects I'm working on and the models I've created. I'll link to models and articles that inspire me. As I enjoy finding useful situations I can use SketchUp in my un-designery life I'll describe some of the surprising uses I've found for SketchUp. I'll post as and when I feel like it because some weeks I spend much of my free time playing with SketchUp but then there have been months when I hardly touch it. This blog is as much for me as for anyone else - so that I can keep track of the things that interest me.

With that said, I'd love to hear from anyone with suggestions or opinions - either leave me a comment or send me an email mh.taylor@yahoo.com.

Thanks for dropping by - Martin