Inspiring Modelers: Angel Moore

MH60J Black Hawk (clay render) by the other Martin Taylor

It seems like the only way to achieve the official Google moniker 'super modeler' is by modeling a lot of buildings for Google Earth. This makes sense from Google's perspective as it seems Google Earth has always been their priority for SketchUp and their main reason for buying the product in the first place. From a modeler's perspective, however, it sucks.

Not that I am looking for this recognition myself but because it would be great to have a filter for the 3D Warehouse to be able to find those people who do great SketchUp work and their models but who build things other than content for Google Earth. In the first of an occasional series I'd like to step up and acknowledge some modeler's whose work I have happened upon while exploring the 3D warehouse.

Part of the attraction of building models for me is a virtual extension of begin a kid building plastic Airfix kits so it is unsurprising that I like Angel Moore's (ALM Model Works) models as they are a virtual shelf of detail, completed Airfix staples: military aircraft, tanks and Sci-Fi models. The MH60J Black Hawk helicopter I downloaded and created a clay render from is a typical of his amazing attention to detail as even the cockpit is detailed and the side guns are complete models in their own right. His popular M1A2 Abrams is equally detailed as is his Batman Tumbler and just about any of the other subjects in his Warehouse stream.

Most of his models are complete although a few of either tank turrets, or running gear alone. If you happen to be looking for one of the subjects Angel Moore has modeled download his model immediately. His models are certainly a good step and a half above the usual level of models you find in the 3D warehouse and you can learn a lot about modeling complex and detailed subjects just be exploring one or two of his models. You can find a few more details about his SketchUp models at his blog too.

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