Surprisingly Useful: Designing a Gallery Wall

I love to find practical uses for SketchUp in my own, non-designery life. On short notice my wife got asked to exhibit some of her photography for one night at a gallery event. She was having trouble visualizing how different sized and styles of frames and mats would look together so I knocked up a quick model to help her. In the end we narrowed it down to white or black gallery style frames which is what this simple animation shows. It really helped her get past a mental block in the planning stage and last night we hung the real thing - let me tell you, it takes a lot longer to print, mat, frame and hang 10 photographs in real life than it does in SketchUp.

It did get me thinking though, as our walls at home are a little bare despite us having quite a lot of affordable art stashed away in closets this same idea could easily be applied to the model of our home. It could settle years long arguments between my wife and myself about what looks good where without having to put a ton of holes in the walls.

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